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Education is the process of gaining knowledge. As a little school boy I had the feeling something was out of synch. We all had to listen quietly to someone standing in front of the class telling us things in which half of us were not interested. 


A decade later I started to understand that traditional education is an unproductive system aiming at instructing children to become obedient citizens. The outcome is in general terrible: hardly anyone enjoys school, the talents of children are seldom recognised, human potential is  therefore not unleashed and only in society you learn to adapt to ever changing circumstances.


It was the scientific pedagogy of Maria Montessori that opened my eyes! She was a true genius and her educational principles to me are the pinnacle of learning environments. She was far, far ahead of her times. After finishing the AMI 3-6 diploma course I was even more convinced of the potential of Montessori’s educational philosophy to unleash the full potential of humanity.


It takes one generation to change the world. Therefore it is my mission to promote Montessori’s philosophy through sports.

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