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Health is a state of being free of illness. We battle illnesses and injuries all the time and therefore health is a relative and not an absolute concept. I discern physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Physical health is the ability to perform the functional movements needed for survival that are ingrained in us.  Movement is a key concept in the universe and biology. Without movement we would not survive. Physical training, aerobic exercise and lifting heavy stuff, is necessary to ensure that we can be free to choose whatever movement we want to do as we grow older.  Next to this nutrition is imperative to health. I have tried many different kinds of diets from vegan to paleo to the carnivore diet from a standard western diet to oriental diets. I think that diets are very individual, however as long as you limit refined processed foods and sugar and adopt a fasting routine, any diet can help you to age in a healthy way.


Emotional health is the ability to recognise and deal with emotions. The main emotions are anger, fear, happiness, disgust, sadness, surprise and all its derivatives. Becoming aware of having these emotions, why you have these emotions and controlling your reaction on them is the essence of emotional health. I have experienced many different therapies and methods related to emotional health (a.o. haptonomy, psychology, P-DTR, EMDR, EFT, EQ-I, DISC, mental coaching. leadership training).


Spiritual health is related to the connection between yourself and the universe. Finding my personal reason to live and being able to relate to the bigger whole, beyond myself, is something that gave me a lot of peace and understanding. Meditation and plant medicines help me to become more resilient, more generous and forgiving and more self-confident. Key outcomes are independence and adaptability.

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